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The Experts

Sergey Mayorov
Honored Master of PHOTOART and EFIAP/s.
Vice President of the Creative Union PHOTOART. Representative and Russian coordinator of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and a series of other international photographic organizations.
Participant of many international photography exhibitions where he received more than 300 awards. His works are kept in Russian and foreign museums. Curator of many Russian and foreign photography contests and exhibitions.

Has been engaged in active propaganda of photographic art in recent years. Has been maintaning the website FIAP.RU providing information about various directions of the international and Russian photographic movement for 10 years. Published a book explaining the basics of participation in international photography contests in 2018.
Andrey Pavlushin
Head of the Ryazan Organization of the Russian Union of Art Photographers
Member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers since 1992.Participant of international, All-Union and Russian exhibitions and contests.25 personal exhibitions displayed in Russia, France, Germany, Spain and Argentina.Author of personal photography albums and photography materials to numerous publications.Laureate of the initiative "People of the Year - People of the City" (2006).
Nikolay Sereda
Member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers
Participant of Ryazan, Russian and foreign photography exhibitions, winner of the All-Russian photography contest "Family Album". Awarded with a CUP Silver Medal, FIAP Bronze Medal and PSA и UPI Ribbons. Got the AFIAP title (Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art) in 2011 following the results of his participation in international photography contests.

One of the organizers of the 1st Russian International Photography Contest "Berega" under the patronage of FIAP in 2009-2012.Director of the Creative Union of Art Photographers "Berega" (Ryazan), PhD in Technical Sciences, candidate master of sports.

Anatoly Osipenkov
Member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers
Regular member of the Ryazan Photography Club "Oka". Participant and winner of the club's photography exhibitions and contests.

More than 10 personal photography exhibitions each of which included over 1000 works. Participant of All-Russian and international exhibitions.
Viktoria Filippova
Director of the Museum and Exhibition Center named after Evgeny Kashirin "Photodom"
Oleg Butsky
Head of the Ryazan Photography Club "U istoka"
Regular member of the Russian Geographical Society, business development director of the Balloon Federation in the Ryazan region.
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